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Christine [userpic]
7 years!!
by Christine (timecankill)
at October 5th, 2014 (08:54 am)

Happy 7 years! Is anyone still active on LJ from the group?
Holden will be turning 7 on the 18th and I just can't believe it!

Andre'a [userpic]
by Andre'a (volc0mchiick)
at October 23rd, 2008 (03:11 pm)

i thought i would post a picture of caleb in his halloween costume as a pirate this year for the fun of it! he'll be a year old next wednesday! ALREADY! where has this last year gone?!! its gone by sooo fast seems like just the other day we were all pregnant still!

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Hi Im new to the group.
by stinke33 (stinke33)
at December 30th, 2007 (03:00 am)

current mood: content

Hello, my name is Kassandra, 20yrs old and married. My son was born October 6th 2007. He weighed 8lbs 4.2ozs and 21in at birth. Currently weighing in at 13+lbs and somewhere between 24.25-24.50in long. He can stand, coo, laugh, grasp things, hold his head up for LONG periods of time, do "pushups", smile, and he responds to our voices. He seems to be a little advanced for his age which makes me proud but he is my life. Im a SAHM so he is all I know. I joined this group to discuss milestones, illnesses, advice, and day to day events with mothers of children his age.

me [userpic]
at December 15th, 2007 (12:36 pm)

current mood: angry

I'm hoping this isn't just me...

So I got my period back on Thursday and ever since it's been taking over my life for the past few days. I'm pretty sure it's my period and not lochia because I'm not bf. It really really sucks and makes me want to hurt people because I have to change my pad AND tampon every 3 hours. That never happened to me before, I'm also wearing a super size tampon which I've never had to wear before. I don't really know what I'm saying here I guess I'm just trying to make sure I'm not the only one going through this, especially since I can't call my doctor this weekend.

Jenn [userpic]
Bigger Than My Teddy Bear, But Not My Puppy...
by Jenn (astridlynn)
at December 3rd, 2007 (07:27 am)
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current mood: awake
current song: Veggie Tales Lullabyes

*giggle* Look Mommy, I'm bigger than my teddy bear!

...but I'm not bigger than Charlie yet. Pretty soon though I will be. I'm Mommy's little porker. I'm gonna ask Santa for lots of breastmilk, 'cuz that's my favorite!

*yawn* It's 7am and I'm wide awake. Blake and I have already had an hour of awake time, singing Veggie Tales until he fell asleep. It's funny how in the middle of sleeping he'll stretch & squeel, then fall right back to sleep.

At the baby weigh-in last week, he had gained 1.5 lbs in 2 weeks. I was amazed. Today I need to schedule his 2 month well baby visit for next week. How long is everyone planning to breast feed? I just about gave up a couple times already (at about 4 & 5 weeks) because I was so sore, cracked, bleeding and then got mastitis. When they told me that mastitis feels like the flu, I thought "Okay, whatever." Well, it came on sudden and it literally felt like I had been hit by a semi. The day I got it I didn't even open the shades and spent the day on the couch curled up with Blake...until my husband came home from work. Then I thought "I'd better go in". I had to quit nursing for an entire week to let things heal enough and only pumped when I had to in order to keep my milk supply.

I had my 6 week post-partum check up last week and everything went well. Of course, she asked me about birth control and recommended we consider the Mirena (sp?) IUD. Anyone have any experience with these? My husband was an IUD baby, but I'm sure technology has improved greatly since 1977. I don't want to go on the pill or depo, because in the past I've had major mood swings with them. Before Blake, we were just using timing & condoms. *L* We can seriously tell Blake when he's older that "...just one night...." is just enough to have a baby.

Cross-posted to nov2007babies

Alisa [userpic]
My birth story. (Baby picture heavy.)
by Alisa (jupitertear)
at November 12th, 2007 (11:04 pm)
current mood: accomplished

I wrote the majority of this the day I had her, but wasn't able to finish it until a few days ago. It's been really hectic here. I don't really have much shame or embarrassment left, so there might be a few gory details. I posted this to one or two places, but completely forgot to post it here! (Am I still allowed to blame placenta brain?) Ah well... now that I can think a little more clearly, I wrote in a few more details in a few places and added newer pictures.

Either way... without further ado...

Lillian Taylor HellerCollapse )

Quite a lot of random pictures...Collapse )

I hope everyone and their babies are doing well!

Kelly [userpic]
by Kelly (magdalene156)
at November 3rd, 2007 (08:08 am)

Baby is here!
Baby Chase was born on November 1st, at 9:11 PM
9.1 pounds, 21.5 inches long

His birth was very traumatic for us both, I will follow up with a birth story and pictures another time. He has shoulder dystocia, and took over one minute before he took his first breathe on his own but is doing well now and will hopefully be home very soon! He nurses like a champ!


Kelly [userpic]
by Kelly (magdalene156)
at October 30th, 2007 (04:17 pm)

so I am going to try to give you guys the quick and dirty version.... I can't find my glasses now and it's hard to stare at this screen or see really, haha
I went to my 40 week appointment on Monday, my EDD is actually tomorrow/hallowen. The nurse, even though I politely mentioned she shouldn't took my BP over my sweater sleeve and guess what? it was 138/100 both times (well about the same both times.) SO even though my urine came bac clean I was shipped off to L&D by my OB to be induced! I am dilated to 4 so she wanted to hook me up to pitocin and break my water while we waited for my labs to get back. well in the hospital where my BP was taken correctly it was lower, still not great but lower so I said before I consent to anything I wanted to see my labs results, not unreasonable right?
Well my OB flipped out, tried bullying me, tried scare tactics and when I still wouldn't cave STORMED out fo the room.
Who the hell allows their water to be broken when they are not even in labor?
The next on call OB came in and tried the same crap and also harassed me over not wanting an epidural.

the only way I could be released without siging AMA forms was to agree to have DAILY NSTs and labs done (blood and urine). So fine. I go this morning for round one, BP was fine 134/77 which is OK for me, labs were all clear, but I need the doctor's thumbs up to go home. He never, called the nurse back, wouldn't call the on call OB today back.... I sat there for HOURS. I think he was just doing it to be a dick. Anyway the on call OB consulted a differnt OB in the practice and I was sent home not having to have an NST tomorrow but I do have to make an appointment Thursday. Because we don;t want my BP spiking and things to become dangerous....blh, blah... fine by me.
Oh and all of a sudden my baby is HUGE.
I am really angry about all of this and once I have my baby and we are safe at home I am writing letters and possibly consulting a lawyer.

Alisa [userpic]
Lillian Taylor!
by Alisa (jupitertear)
at October 28th, 2007 (02:18 pm)

I'm not posting a full birth story or pictures and the like, as my family and I are still visiting with our newfound love, but....

Lillian Taylor Heller, 8 1/2 pounds on the dot, I haven't measured her yet. Born about 3 hours ago at 11:30. :) Immediately after birth, I placed her on my stomach, as I was unsure if my cord reached and couldn't really tell from the angle I had finally collapsed in, she crawled to the breast all by herself and latched on all by herself on her first try. I'm so proud! I felt bad that I didn't slop her on right away, but I didn't think the cord was quite long enough... she proved me wrong!

Just a quick note to say labor went really well and really quickly and I held together most of the time, only partly losing all my friggin marbles in transition. (I do believe I was screaming at the top of my lungs for vodka... whoops) I've got a small piece of retained placenta (I think) that I'm still waiting to pass... it's odd and it feels like I have a flat, flaccid penis. :P (I just gave birth, I'm allowed to voice my odd thoughts, right?)

I'll post more once I have a few moments.

jack4sam [userpic]
by jack4sam (jack4sam)
at October 26th, 2007 (07:21 pm)

I'm beginning to think this whole 'full moon' thing is a sham.



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